A soccer game is typically played for a duration of 90 minutes, which can be broken down as follows:


Each half of the game lasts for 45 minutes.

There is a halftime break of around 15 minutes between the two halves.

The total playing time, excluding any stoppage time, is 90 minutes.

However, it's important to note that stoppage time, also known as injury time, is added to compensate for any delays during the game.

Stoppage time is determined by the referee and can vary depending on factors like substitutions, injuries, and time-wasting.

The referee has the authority to extend the duration of each half to account for stoppages.

Stoppage time is typically a few minutes but can vary depending on the circumstances of the match.

The additional time is announced by the fourth official and displayed on the scoreboard.

It allows for fair play and ensures that the full amount of time is played despite interruptions.

In professional matches, stoppage time can range from a few minutes to even over 10 minutes in exceptional cases.